O-Slice Delivers Unparalleled Performance at Annual Inner Circle 7

O-Slice Inner Circ

By Ahriel Nari
Photos by Jada Imani M
October 20, 2022

O-Slice in front of a sea of fans (Photo by Jada Imani M)

O-Slice’s annual Inner Circle is an event you do not want to miss! Every year you can depend on her to deliver a high energy, premium performance and Inner Circle 7 did not disappoint!  The evening started off with DJ Sero providing the perfect soundtrack to set the tone for the night. As people poured into the door, our lovable and charismatic hosts Tamara B & Hasani made it clear we’re having fun tonight.

Tamara B
Host Tamara B (Photo by Jada Imani M)

After a cream of the crop open mic session, the multitalented Samwyse took the stage. He mesmerized the audience with hypnotic renditions of fan favorites including his latest single “Time”. Up next was the radiant Jimani Luv. After O-Slice personally gave glowing reviews, Luv graced us with her angelic R&B sound as she teased unreleased songs.

Jimani Luv
Jimani Luv (Photo by Jada Imani M)
O-Slice Fan

And then it was time.

The number 7 is a highly spiritual number that represents a person’s inner wisdom and fullness in life. It also symbolizes the bridge between the human world and angels.  So, it was only fitting that O-Slice and her band wore white.

O-Slice making her grand entrance
(Photo by Jada Imani M)

Since the last Inner Circle, O-Slice has released her album Goodmorning, Goodnight. The crowd was screamsinging hits word for word along with her including “2TheMoon”, “One&Only” and “Moonchild”. The night wouldn’t have been complete without the unofficial Inner Circle Anthem “10toes”. If you missed the epic night, you can relive it below: