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By Ahriel Nari

“…I know we ain’t on the same page no more.
And that’s a shame that we ain’t, when we used to be so close.
Yes, I’m down and I’m drownin’ in my sorrows”

When I first listened to Bryson Tiller’s third studio album A N N I V E R S A R Y, “Sorrows” immediately jumped out at me. The way Bryson effortlessly floats on top of the booming 808s creates a hypnotic sonic space that sucks the listener in. So, when I found out he created visuals to go along with “Sorrows” I was ecstatic.

            The video is not the typical visual you would expect for a song like “Sorrows”. Bryson Tiller gives us poignant, post-apocalyptic imagery. Directed by Kid Studio, the video channels the surrealism of Salvador Dalí. There is one particular scene that evokes the spirit of Dalí’s classic painting The Persistence of Memory. One of the hallmark characteristics of surrealist work is the juxtaposition of irrational images in order to activate the unconscious mind through the imagery. At first glance, the video is extremely abstract and does not make sense. After watching and digesting it a few times, you can see how the recurring theme of clocks and hourglasses illustrates time running out for Bryson Tiller and his love interest and/or him wanting to go back in time. The Mad Max-esque, post-apocalyptic feel of the video represents the end of the world Bryson created with his love interest. There is a lot to dissect in the visual for “Sorrows” which is great for rewatching. I feel as though through this video, Bryson has demonstrated another one of his evolutions. Check out the video for “Sorrows” below: