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By Ahriel Nari
December 19, 2019

Each month, R&B princess/supernova Alex Vaughn hosts AV Sessions, a showcase that features different artists of the DMV. AV Sessions is one of the few events you can go to knowing, without a shadow of doubt, that you will get quality music. 

    The night began with the customary Open Mic portion. Artists in the audience are given the opportunity to perform one song. The crowd was delighted with riveting performances from guitarist/producer John Tyler and rapper Lucas Nomad, as well as collaboration between singer/songerwriters Cheakity and Cramer. 

After the Open Mic concluded, Maryland rapper Kassim hopped on stage and hyped everyone up with his song “Growth”. The most remarkable part about Kassim’s live shows is that he’s able to maintain high energy the entire time. Even when he slowed the tempo down to perform his classics such as “Camry” and “Imagination…”, he still managed to draw the crowd in with his passionate delivery.

Next, Baltimore soulstress MovaKween captured everyone’s hearts. Rocking silver thigh high boots and a blouse that looked like it was made from pure star dust, it was clear why she’s known as a galactic goddess. After singing hypnotizing renditions of her songs “Tired” & “All You Need”, MovaKween wrapped up her set by having the audience say with her, “I GOT WHAT I NEED.” The affirmation was the cherry on top of a spiritually-nourishing performance.

Coming off the heels of the release of their EP Jade, production duo FootsXColes brought the grooviness of their project to life. With the help of Zaamwé and Matt McGhee, FootsXColes performed fan-favorites from Jade including “Unsteady” and “Last Shot”. A fun fact about FootsXColes is that they are the jammingest band in the land. With that being said, they also backed up Matt McGhee as he previewed “Drifting”, a song that will be on his upcoming album. 

Then, it was time for the lady of the hour to take the stage. With FootsXColes as her band, Alex Vaughn opened up with the power anthem “Gotta Have It”. In between serenading the audience with her song “Needs” and belting out “Mondaze”, Alex won everyone over with her undeniable charisma. “I hate working a 9-5 – I am a STAR!”, she proclaimed, to which the audience agreed. This AV Sessions was special in that it doubled as a charity event. Attendees were asked to bring a toy that was to be donated to a child who is less fortunate. Finally, Alex treated us all with a beautiful cover of “This Christmas”, which truly captured the holiday spirit. 

AV Sessions is really a beautiful event to witness. Seeing all the artists of the area come together and just jam together, is an experience you don’t want to miss. Check out photos from AV Sessions below: