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By Ahriel Nari

April + Vista specialize in giving musical experiences. They have made another dimension of sound on their latest album Pit of My Dreams. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new music since their critically acclaimed 2018 debut album You Are Here

Pit of My Dreams album art

Pit of My Dreams feels very intentional. The beauty of the album is in how it’s intentional while also being experimental. I admire April + Vista for their impeccable sound selection. They are not afraid to take a sound, such as the crying violins at the beginning of “Every Void”, a sound played alone most people would scoff at, and create a masterpiece around it. Their exquisite musical ear lends itself to each track. Apart from the remarkable instrumentation, the audio engineering is incredible. The depth and clarity with which each sound comes through is breathtaking.

    April + Vista have once again raised the bar with Pit of My Dreams. It blends perfectly into the musical tapestry that they are weaving while also leaving the listener wanting more. April + Vista are doing something special with their music and we’re lucky to witness it. Pit of My Dreams is available on all streaming platforms!

Favorite Songs: “Cooperators”, “Every Void”, “What Is Enough”